Tre Bien M'amor

Tre Bien M'amor

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dark Blue

The crisp salty sea breeze whipped our faces as we sat divided on the bench. A month had passed since my feelings had flooded from my heart to that seemingly blank screen. What had I been thinking to justify such an act as the right way to convey my feelings? It was undeniably beautiful, the imagery simple but so precise, I had done myself in. But now here we sat hands in our laps gazing wistfully off into the sea as the sun slowly fell to drown itself in the unending sea.

She occupied my gaze still though, her being just as beautiful, just as amazing, entrancing, and addicting as anything the world had to offer. But I was ashamed to look at her that way because she had never wanted me the same way, she couldn't possibly. I sunk my head gazing down at intertwined hands that lead to empty arms. I could barely stand it as I adjusted myself stretching my arms down the back of the bench. My arms no where near her and somehow I had provoked her to trap me in her whimsical gaze.

I motioned towards her not able to immobilize myself from the need to stare at her sparkling eyes. She spoke knocking me into reality with her words woven with sweet thread. “Do you still like me?” I made an attempt to say something knowing that I couldn't lie to her but knowing that the wrong answer could mean a shattered heart. I gave up and sunk my head unfortunately giving her the answer she needed, I still did. She rose as if to walk away but she must have gone the wrong way, she must not have been thinking!

There she was laying into me flooding warmth and shock into my body as she motioned for the arm behind her, my arm! Her hand tangled in mine as it slowly wrapped around her waist to meet her other hand. I was unable too breath, dying of disbelief, drowning in emotion and suffocating of utter shock. What would make this real this perfect moment of two falling in love? “I like you too,” she layed her head into my chest killing me but reviving my ability to love another. She kept going; those few words weren’t enough to stop my thundering heart. She told me of how when she looked at me she saw more than just someone to like unlike the other man who was simply another endless chase. She looked deeper into me and found warmth, love, compassion and not something to chase but to have and hold as long as she could.

I must be being tricked somehow, deceived or toyed with but she wouldn’t do that! I had to make sure, find some definite way of knowing I wasn’t looking into smoke and mirrors. I turned my head towards her and said her name as she twisted to look at me in return. I reached out brushing her hair off from across her forehead allowing me too slowly and sweetly kiss her forehead. I tried to lean back to see her reaction but I became addicted while she was hiding a smile so innocent not even a small child could mimic it. My hand found its way through her hair as I lay another kiss on her chilled nose and then on her rosy cheeks as my hand gently rested on the other cheek keeping her still and close.

She never made the slightest move to show my unnerving paranoia any truth to what it now believed. I closed my eyes pressing my forehead to hers unable to perform the last act I wanted to do. Her lips would have been my final destination, the locked door I so badly wanted to open. Was it too soon to try or even consider opening that door? Would I find it locked and act like the desperate thief attempting to break into a locked house?

No, the door was wide open and she came rushing out to greet me with open arms and a warm hand in mine to lead the way. Her hands slowly rose up my chest, walking a long road to where they were wanted. She sent jolts through my body, tickling every nerve as the tips of her fingers lead up and down my neck. I was impatient, jumping up and down in my own mind unable to contain myself for what was too come. Her hands rested where my hand lay on her face taking in ever sensation it could possibly absorb. I leaned in bit by bit until lips met. The second they touched I felt as though I was sent flying out of my own body. Fire works exploded in vibrant colors as the sun drowned in the sea coating all in its reach with color in vibrant arrays of orange, pink and purple as if setting the world ablaze in beauty.

We ignored it all, absorbed in the moment and unable to stop it for even the end of the world. My body burned with delight as everything shut off and I was alone on the beach with the girl I would never let go of. I wished there was an action or another way to show her I cared beyond kissing. I strained my eyes so much trying to force a thought of something that would make this better. But I soon found I had turned on something, let loose the flood gates to all the love I could give her. Suddenly the moment was perfect and we had found undeniable love within one another.

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