Tre Bien M'amor

Tre Bien M'amor

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The girl in the empty matinee

The girl in the empty matinee
Sits alone, dreaming her heart away.

The boy in the crowded balcony,
Walks away, hoping for a brighter day.

Leaning forward, toward the edge
He sees a girl his heart would pledge.

The lights begin to fade,
Her eyes wandering among the stage.

A chilling feeling down her back,
Gave her reason to look at.

This boy, who could not leave her gaze,
In it he could be happy the rest of his days.

Slowly moving through the dark,
The boy moved in desire of that spark.

Swiftly sitting right beside her,
He kissed her cheek sweetly, making her glow like fire.

He whispered something in her ear,
And a certain joy on their faces did soon appear.

She reached for him slowly in utter bliss,
And for all to see they did passionately kiss.

Now she is no longer the girl in the empty matinee,
And he is neither the boy in the crowded balcony.

They are now the couple at the show,
To be envied by all who watch them as they kiss down below.

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